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Be a Hero

The heartwarming story how donations to The Humane Society of Odessa transform homeless animals into loving pets and ordinary citizens into heroic pet owners.

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Top Dog Poster - A dog wearing pilot goggles and attire
The Furry Knight movie poster - A cat dressed up as batman
The Kitty King Poster - A cat dressed up as a lion, resembling the Lion King
Lord of Bones Poster for Odessa Humane Society Petflix Campaign

Did you know your donation helps provide:

  • Food for Energy

    Our little heroes need lots of energy. Your donations help feed hundreds of heroes each year.

  • Medical Care

    Keeping the world safe is tough and sometimes our heroes get hurt. Your donations help provide medical care so our heroes can continue to fight.

  • Zero Kill Shelters

    Your donations help provide a home-away-from-home for the heroes. And with zero kill homes, our heroes never get left behind.

  • Including!

    Spay/Neuter Dogs and Cats, Vet Checkups & Vaccines, Medication for shelter animals, Sponsor utilities, Sponsor bedding/treats/blankets, Sponsor pet transportation, Sponsor a nursing mother dog, Cleaning Supplies and Sanitation

You too can become a

Hero Reveal

Suggested Giving Levels

  • One-time or Monthly Gift

    Make a donation of any size to help our heroes.

  • $19.99 Monthly Subscription

One-time Donations

  • The Kitty King

    $250 One-time donation

  • Lord of Bones

    $750 One-time donation

  • The Furry Knight

    $1,500 One-time donation

  • Top Dog

    $3,000 One-time donation

Becoming a hero is simple

Subscribing to our program will send monthly donations to the pet heroes. It's that simple. Click on the PayPal link below and choose to make a monthly donation today!*

Donating to our program will send a one-time donation to aid our heroes. Click on the PayPal link below to contribute to the pet heroes!*

* You will be redirected to the Humane Society of Odessa Website,, after subscribing or donating.